Single CDI ignition ECU.
Designed to give increased spark energy at all engine speeds.
Can be used to drive twin cylinder 250cc kart engines using double ended coil.
CNC machined aluminium case.
ECU program stored in reprogrammable FLASH memory.  ECU map data stored in permanent EEPROM memory but changes can be made to all maps via pc.
512KB FLASH memory for data logging. Sample rates at 20 and 10Hz.  Maximum record time approximately 27 minutes.  Logging automatically activates at specified engine speed point.  Logged data is retained after power is removed.  All engine data recorded.
CAN 2.0B (active) interface for transmission of data between ECU and third party dashboard devices.
Both specification levels also allow for an optional type-K thermocouple input.
Windows based Infinity mapping software.
BASIC version
  • Crank input.
  • Coil output.
  • Quick-shifter input.
  • Throttle position input.
  • Coolant temperature input.
  • 4 position map switch input.
  • Shift light output.
  • Tacho output.
  • Detonation input with 2 level sensitivity and event recorder.
  • CAN 2.0B (active) data output for third party dashboard/logger.
FULL version
As per BASIC version but also includes the following extras:
  • Gear position input.
  • Power-jet output.
  • Power valve output and associated feedback input.
  • Road speed input.
  • Extra auxiliary pulse input.
  • Extra analogue input.
  • 512KB non-volatile data logging memory.