EMX-01  Currently Unavailable


Bespoke 8 injector ECU for 2/3/4/5/6 or 8 cylinder applications.
Could also drive V10 engine (10 injectors & 5 wasted spark ignition drive signals).
Replacement ECU for EM35, EM36, EM38, EM43 (Honda S2000) & EM46.
CNC machined case 155mm x 120mm x 36mm.
ECU program stored in reprogrammable FLASH memory.
ECU map data stored in permanent EEPROM memory but changes can be made to all maps via pc.
512KB internal diagnostic data logging RAM recording last half hour of engine data (20Hz sample rate).
Logger memory is battery backed to retain data after power is removed from ECU. Data logging is automatically activated when engine revs exceed a user defined speed threshold and is paused when speed falls back below the selected point. Data can be downloaded for storage on hard disk and viewed on a third party data analysis package such as Microsoft Excel or equivalent. Channels recorded are Engine speed, Throttle, Manifold air pressure, Water, Air, Lambda, Barometric pressure, Supply volts, Fuel injected value, Ignition advance, wheel speeds, logging start/stop marker and error flags for Cam sensor, Throttle, Manifold air pressure, Water, Air, Lambda, Barometric pressure and Supply voltage.
CAN 2.0B active interface for receive and transmit of data between devices on the network.
User can alter fuelling amounts, ignition advance, fuel & ignition compensations based on air & water temp and pressure input, individual cylinder fuel trims, injection timing, acceleration and deceleration supplements, ignition coil charge duration, injector phasing (double injector set-up only), soft cut and hard cut rev-limit, shift-light speed, launch control, gear change cut and input sensor default levels.
  • Throttle position.
  • Manifold air pressure or Boost pressure.
  • Water (Coolant) temperature.
  • Air temperature.
  • Lambda sensor (narrow band).
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Mapping adjustment for fuel/ignition.
  • Battery supply voltage.
  • 3 x spare analogue inputs.
  • 2 x crank sensor inputs (magnetic or hall effect type).
  • 2 x cam sensor inputs (magnetic or hall effect type).
  • 2 x wheel speed inputs (hall effect types)
  • 2 x switch inputs (require ground/0V to activate).
  • 8 x injector outputs capable of driving 2.5ohm injectors (fully sequential with variable phasing).
  • 4 x ignition trigger signals for driving ignition amplifiers (fully sequential).
  • 6 x valve outputs. (PWM switching or solenoid modes).
  • 1 x tacho output.
  • 1 x shift light output (+12V LED).